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Lehmann on 1863-03-10 (Letter)

Mary Major on 1863-03-12 (Letter)

Catherine Dickens on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Wilkie Collins on 1863-04-22 (Letter)

George Stanfield on 1867-05-19 (Letter)

Rev W Brookfield on 1863-05-24 (Letter)

William De Cerjat on 1863-05-28 (Letter)

Percy Fitzgerald on 1863-07-10 (Letter)

Frederic Ouvry on 1863-07-29 (Letter)

Charles Reade on 1863-09-30 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1863-10-07 (Letter)

Marcus Stone on 1864-02-23 (Letter)

Charles Knight on 1864-03-01 (Letter)

J P Harley on 1839-06-28 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1839-09-21 (Letter)

Percy Fitzgerald on 1864-07-27 (Letter)

Sir James Emerson Tennent on 1864-08-26 (Letter)

George Cattermole on 1840-01-13 (Letter)

William De Cerjat on 1864-11-16 (Letter)

George Cattermole on 1840-03-09 (Letter)

William Charles Kent on 1865-01-17 (Letter)

Adelaide Anne Procter on 1865-02-15 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1865-03-01 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1865-04-22 (Letter)

George Cattermole on 1840-12-22 (Letter)

Thomas Mitton on 1865-06-13 (Letter)

W J Fox on 1846-01-21 (Letter)

Arthur Ryland on 1865-06-21 (Letter)

Lehmann on 1865-06-29 (Letter)

Percy Fitzgerald on 1865-07-07 (Letter)

The Earl Russell on 1865-08-16 (Letter)

G Lovejoy on 1841-05-31 (Letter)

Adelaide Anne Procter on 1865-09-26 (Letter)

William De Cerjat on 1865-11-13 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1865-11-14 (Letter)

Mary Boyle on 1866-01-06 (Letter)

Brookfield on 1866-02-20 (Letter)

Miss Lily Benzon on 1866-06-18 (Letter)

B W Procter on 1866-08-13 (Letter)

Julia Pardoe on 1842-07-19 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1866-12-28 (Letter)

William De Cerjat on 1867-00-00 (Letter)

W C Macready on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

W P Frith on 1842-11-15 (Letter)

Frances Trollope on 1842-12-16 (Letter)

David Dickson on 1843-05-10 (Letter)

Lord Morpeth on 1843-08-03 (Letter)

Cowden Clarke on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

H G Adams on 1861-10-00 (Letter)

Walter Thornbury on 1867-04-01 (Letter)

Clarkson Stanfield RA on 1867-04-18 (Letter)

Dudley Costello on 1844-06-07 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1867-06-06 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1867-06-13 (Letter)

Henry F Chorley on 1865-10-28 (Letter)

Percy Fitzgerald on 1867-07-28 (Letter)

F D Finlay on 1867-09-03 (Letter)

M Charles Fechter on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

W C Macready on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1867-09-30 (Letter)

Catherine Dickens on 1844-12-02 (Letter)

J L Toole on 1867-11-02 (Letter)

Lavinia Watson on 1867-11-05 (Letter)

George Cattermole on 1845-08-27 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1867-11-10 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1867-11-13 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

W B Rye on 1865-11-03 (Letter)

Rev James White on 1846-02-24 (Letter)

Hon Robert Lytton on 1869-09-02 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1863-03-31 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1867-12-16 (Letter)

Storrar on 1864-05-15 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1867-12-30 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1868-01-03 (Letter)

Hon Richard Watson on 1846-11-27 (Letter)

William De Cerjat on 1846-11-27 (Letter)

Catherine Dickens on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

John Forster on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Shirley Brooks on 1869-07-12 (Letter)

Rev Edward Tagart on 1847-01-28 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1847-03-04 (Letter)

Miss Dickens and Miss Katey Dickens on 1847-05-00 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Editor of _The Sun_ on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

W Charles M Kent on 1848-04-18 (Letter)

Mark Lemon on 1848-05-03 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 1861-11-00 (Letter)

Lavinia Watson on 1848-07-27 (Letter)

Effingham William Wilson on 1848-11-07 (Letter)

Henry Austin on 1868-07-21 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1868-07-31 (Letter)

William De Cerjat on 1868-08-26 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

F D Finlay on 1868-10-04 (Letter)

M Charles Fechter on 1868-10-07 (Letter)

Miss Joll on 1849-11-27 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1867-12-11 (Letter)

William Charles Kent on 1868-11-16 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1850-03-12 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1868-12-16 (Letter)

James T Fields on 1867-10-00 (Letter)

William De Cerjat on 1869-01-04 (Letter)

Mary Boyle on 1869-01-06 (Letter)

Walter Savage Landor on 1850-12-04 (Letter)

John Clarke on 1869-03-24 (Letter)

The Lord John Russell on 1869-05-26 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1867-09-30 (Letter)

David Roberts RA on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Edmund Ollier on 1869-08-03 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1869-08-03 (Letter)

Arthur Ryland on 1869-08-13 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1851-05-24 (Letter)

Arthur Ryland on 1869-09-06 (Letter)

William Charles Kent on 1869-10-07 (Letter)

Dallas on 1870-01-16 (Letter)

S L Fildes on 1870-01-16 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1870-03-02 (Letter)

Anonymous on 1870-03-09 (Letter)

Eeles on 1851-10-22 (Letter)

Henry Austin on 1851-10-25 (Letter)

William Charles Kent on 1870-04-25 (Letter)

Bancroft on 1870-05-31 (Letter)

Charles Dickens on 1868-01-15 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 1862-01-00 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1852-10-05 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1852-10-13 (Letter)

H G Adams on 1840-01-18 (Letter)

George William Rusden on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

B W Procter on 1864-12-31 (Letter)

L Gaylord Clark on 1841-09-28 (Letter)

Percy Fitzgerald on 1865-09-23 (Letter)

Macvey Napier on 1843-01-21 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1853-06-18 (Letter)

Frank Stone ARA on 1853-06-23 (Letter)

Thompson on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1853-08-24 (Letter)

Lavinia Watson on 1853-08-27 (Letter)

John Delane on 1853-09-12 (Letter)

The Lord John Russell on 1853-09-21 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1853-11-04 (Letter)

Macvey Napier on 1845-11-10 (Letter)

Sir James Emerson Tennent on 1853-11-14 (Letter)

Thompson on 1846-12-02 (Letter)

James Sheridan Knowles on 1847-05-26 (Letter)

Cowden Clarke on 1848-04-14 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1854-04-12 (Letter)

Frederic Ouvry on 1869-08-22 (Letter)

Wilkie Collins on 1854-07-12 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Elizabeth Gaskell on 1854-08-17 (Letter)

Rev William Harness on 1854-08-19 (Letter)

Henry Austin on 1854-09-06 (Letter)

Frank Stone on 1851-09-08 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1853-03-04 (Letter)

Catherine Dickens on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Catherine Williams on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Catherine Williams on 1853-11-04 (Letter)

Miss King on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Maria Winter on 1855-04-03 (Letter)

Miss Emily Jolly on 1855-07-17 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1855-10-19 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1855-10-21 (Letter)

W H Wills on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Monsieur Regnier on 1855-11-21 (Letter)

Albert Smith on 1858-12-01 (Letter)

Cowden Clark on 1859-08-21 (Letter)

Henry F Chorley on 1860-02-00 (Letter)

A H Layard on 1860-12-04 (Letter)

Malleson on 1861-01-14 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1868-03-12 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 1861-04-28 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1856-03-27 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 1861-05-00 (Letter)

Lady Olliffe on 1861-05-00 (Letter)

Robert Lytton on 1869-10-01 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 1861-09-00 (Letter)

Mark Lemon on 1856-06-15 (Letter)

B W Procter on 1861-11-00 (Letter)

Walter Savage Landor on 1856-07-05 (Letter)

Duke of Devonshire on 1856-07-05 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1856-07-08 (Letter)

Baylis on 1862-02-00 (Letter)

Henry F Chorley on 1862-03-01 (Letter)

Austin on 1862-11-00 (Letter)

Henry F Chorley on 1863-12-18 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1864-10-16 (Letter)

Lavinia Watson on 1856-10-07 (Letter)

Mary Boyle on 1864-12-31 (Letter)

Thomas Mitton on 1856-12-03 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Forster on 1866-01-26 (Letter)

R M Ross on 1866-02-19 (Letter)

R Browning on 1866-03-12 (Letter)

George William Rusden on 1866-09-00 (Letter)

Hon Robert Lytton on 1867-04-17 (Letter)

Henry F Chorley on 1867-06-02 (Letter)

James T Fields on 1867-09-03 (Letter)

Lord Lytton on 1867-09-17 (Letter)

George Cattermole on 1868-05-16 (Letter)

Lord Lytton on 1867-10-14 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Compton on 1857-08-02 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1857-08-03 (Letter)

M Charles Fechter on 1868-05-22 (Letter)

James T Fields on 1868-05-25 (Letter)

J E Millais RA on 1868-07-19 (Letter)

Miss Emily Jolly on 1869-07-22 (Letter)

George William Rusden on 1868-08-24 (Letter)

Russell Sturgis on 1868-12-14 (Letter)

Russell Sturgis on 1868-12-18 (Letter)

Forster on 1869-03-08 (Letter)

H A Layard on 1869-03-13 (Letter)

Thomas Chappell on 1869-05-03 (Letter)

George William Rusden on 1869-05-18 (Letter)

James T Fields on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Frank Stone ARA on 1856-07-09 (Letter)

Hogge on 1858-04-14 (Letter)

Edmund Yates on 1858-04-28 (Letter)

Elizabeth Yates on 1858-05-15 (Letter)

James T Fields on 1870-01-14 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Charles Mackay on 1870-04-21 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1858-08-18 (Letter)

J B Buckstone on 1870-05-15 (Letter)

Wilkie Collins on 1858-09-06 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1858-09-26 (Letter)

John Forster on 1858-10-10 (Letter)

Rev James White on 1858-11-05 (Letter)

Frank Stone ARA on 1858-12-13 (Letter)

Edmund Yates on 1859-03-29 (Letter)

Miss White on 1859-04-18 (Letter)

Lavinia Watson on 1859-05-31 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1859-06-11 (Letter)

Rev James White on 1859-07-07 (Letter)

Wilkie Collins on 1859-09-16 (Letter)

Monsieur Regnier on 1859-10-15 (Letter)

Monsieur Regnier on 1859-11-16 (Letter)

Wilkie Collins on 1860-01-07 (Letter)

John Forster on 1860-05-02 (Letter)

The Lord John Russell on 1860-06-17 (Letter)

The Earl of Carlisle on 1860-08-08 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1860-09-04 (Letter)

Lavinia Watson on 1860-09-14 (Letter)

Edmund Yates on 1860-09-23 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1860-09-23 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1860-09-24 (Letter)

Marguerite Power on 1860-09-25 (Letter)

John Forster on 1860-10-04 (Letter)

Wilkie Collins on 1860-10-24 (Letter)

M Charles Fechter on 1868-03-08 (Letter)

Mary Boyle on 1860-12-28 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1861-01-09 (Letter)

E M Ward RA on 1861-03-09 (Letter)

Lavinia Watson on 1861-07-08 (Letter)

Wilkie Collins on 1861-08-28 (Letter)

Arthur Smith on 1861-09-03 (Letter)

John Watkins on 1861-09-28 (Letter)

Edmund Yates on 1861-10-06 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1861-10-10 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1861-10-13 (Letter)

Georgina Hogarth on 1861-10-13 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 1861-01-23 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1869-06-24 (Letter)

The Earl of Carlisle on 1861-11-15 (Letter)

Mary Boyle on 1861-11-17 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1861-11-23 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 1861-05-08 (Letter)

Mary Boyle on 1861-12-28 (Letter)

Misses Armstrong on 1862-02-10 (Letter)

William De Cerjat on 1862-03-16 (Letter)

Walter Thornbury on 1862-04-18 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1868-12-15 (Letter)

Wilkie Collins on 1862-10-14 (Letter)

M Charles Fechter on 1862-11-04 (Letter)

Clarkson Stanfield RA on 1862-12-05 (Letter)

Mary Boyle on 1862-12-27 (Letter)

Miss Dickens on 1863-01-16 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1863-02-19 (Letter)

Marguerite Power on 1863-02-26 (Letter)

Charles Knight on 1863-03-04 (Letter)