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W H Wills on 1870-01-23 (Letter)

Henry Fielding Dickens on 1870-02-17 (Letter)

Lord Lytton on 1870-02-14 (Letter)

Anonymous on 1870-03-11 (Letter)

William Charles Kent on 1870-03-26 (Letter)

Henry Fielding Dickens on 1870-03-29 (Letter)

Shirley Brooks on 1870-04-01 (Letter)

W P Frith RA on 1870-04-16 (Letter)

Frederic Chapman on 1870-03-14 (Letter)

Frederick Pollock on 1870-05-02 (Letter)

E M Ward on 1870-05-11 (Letter)

William Charles Kent on 1870-05-17 (Letter)