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Exploring the Letter-Net – the Correspondence Network of the 19th Century Literary World

TJ Serle on 1868-07-29 (Letter)

Arthur Ryland on 1857-10-03 (Letter)

Rev W Brookfield on 1863-05-17 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1863-12-20 (Letter)

Wilkie Collins on 1864-01-24 (Letter)

A H Layard on 1869-11-08 (Letter)

William De Cerjat on 1858-07-07 (Letter)

Lavinia Watson on 1868-05-11 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1868-06-10 (Letter)

George Cattermole on 1868-07-22 (Letter)

Sir John Bowring on 1870-05-05 (Letter)

W C Macready on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Hulkes on 1865-06-18 (Letter)

Professor Owen FRS on 1865-07-12 (Letter)

J C Parkinson on 1868-00-00 (Letter)

William Charles Kent on 1866-01-18 (Letter)

Percy Fitzgerald on 1866-02-02 (Letter)

John Forster on 1859-08-25 (Letter)

Sir James Emerson Tennent on 1866-08-20 (Letter)

M Charles Fechter on 1866-09-04 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 1860-06-05 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1869-07-20 (Letter)

W C Macready on 1869-10-18 (Letter)

W P Frith RA on 1859-01-12 (Letter)

Sir John Bowring on 1860-10-31 (Letter)

John Forster on 1861-07-01 (Letter)

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton on 0000-00-00 (Letter)

Milner Gibson on 1861-07-00 (Letter)

Henderson on 1867-07-04 (Letter)

Percy Fitzgerald on 1867-07-21 (Letter)

Henry Austin on 1861-11-03 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1867-09-02 (Letter)

W H Wills on 1864-11-30 (Letter)

Power on 1867-10-23 (Letter)

Adelaide Anne Procter on 1865-10-29 (Letter)

Lord Lytton on 1866-07-16 (Letter)

Anonymous on 1866-12-27 (Letter)

Henry W Phillips on 1867-04-16 (Letter)

Baylis on 1862-07-02 (Letter)

Henry Austin on 1862-10-07 (Letter)

Thornbury on 1867-10-05 (Letter)

Anonymous on 1857-06-04 (Letter)

Henry Austin on 1857-06-06 (Letter)

Percy Fitzgerald on 1866-11-06 (Letter)

Henry Austin on 1857-08-15 (Letter)

Frank Stone ARA on 1857-08-17 (Letter)

James T Fields on 1868-07-07 (Letter)

Henry Austin on 1857-09-02 (Letter)