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Georgina Hogarth


[Sidenote: Miss Hogarth.]

             OFFICE OF "ALL THE YEAR ROUND," _Friday, Feb. 9th, 1866._


I found your letter here when I came back on Wednesday evening, and was
extremely glad to get it.

Frank Beard wrote me word that with such a pulse as I described, an
examination of the heart was absolutely necessary, and that I had better
make an appointment with him alone for the purpose. This I did. I was
not at all disconcerted, for I knew well beforehand that the effect
could not possibly be without that one cause at the bottom of it. There
seems to be degeneration of some functions of the heart. It does not
contract as it should. So I have got a prescription of iron, quinine,
and digitalis, to set it a-going, and send the blood more quickly
through the system. If it should not seem to succeed on a reasonable
trial, I will then propose a consultation with someone else. Of course I
am not so foolish as to suppose that all my work can have been achieved
without _some_ penalty, and I have noticed for some time a decided
change in my buoyancy and hopefulness--in other words, in my usual

I shall wait to see Beard again on Monday, and shall most probably come
down that day. If I should not, I will telegraph after seeing him. Best
love to Mamie.